2012 Marrow Show

 Giant Marrows

Despite rather damp Lake District weather the 2012 Marrow Show held at the Tower Bank Arms was hailed as a great success with many local and entrants from further away, in all classes. The show raised funds for St Peters Church.

Pictured right is Susan Barr presenting Joe Harrison with a new trophy, 'Grand as Owt'. Joe got the 'Best Exhibit' in show.

Heaviest Marrow - P Lambeth 89lbs
Heaviest Marrow grown in Sawrey - C Sands 88.5lbs
Children's Winners, of Mr. C. Atkinson's Garden Vouchers - R Muir and Dane Ghyll School, Dalton in Furness.
Best matching pair - S Pounder
Best looking marrow - Bill Stobart
Heaviest Pumpkin - 23lbs P Lambeth
Open Vegetable - Reggie
Most Unusual Vegetable - C Atkinson
Local Vegetable - Graham Jones

 Open Veg Heaviest Marrow (left) grown in Sawrey - C. Sands 88.5lbs