Windermere and Bowness

England's largest and arguably, prettiest lake, more than ten miles long, and at it's deepest 220ft (65m) is situated in beautiful countryside at the southern end of The Lake District. Many of the best loved mountains are visible from the lake and it' s shores.

The town of Windermere in Cumbria, England is situated in The Lake District National Park ands lies 1kilometer from Lake Windermere, the town itself dosn't touch the lake, and is sometimes confused with the older town of Bowness On Windermere, over the years both towns have grown in population and are sometimes mistaken as one. 

The town of Windermere has changed considerably over the past centaury or so, not only in it' s appearance but in name to. Windermere was once made up of three small hamlets called Birththwaite, Applethwaite and Heathwaite, the word ' thwaite' means a clearing in some trees, when the railway at Applethwaite arrived in 1857 bringing many wealthy mill owners from Lancashire, it was decided that visiting people to the area would recognise the location more if this small hamlet was renamed after the Lake (Windermere) so the three hamlets were renamed and became one. Most of the buildings in the Windermere location are of the Victorian era, and the town started to grow with the increase of visitors.

Accommodation in the town is second to none, if you are looking for a lake view country house or a small b&b Windermere has all types of accommodation to suit your taste and budget. Windermere and surrounding area boast's some of the finest eating places in The Lake District,  over the past few years Cumbria has become better known as the ' Taste District' and when you look at the stunning views, it will leave you in no doubt as to it's quality.